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September 5, 2017


Science and Marketing mixed together are beautiful.

The goal of One Stop Marketer (OSM or ‘Awesome’), sorry for the pun, is to describe my experiments in marketing that lead to actionable advice for online marketers like you.

Through the course of this blog, you will receive data-driven advice on how to improve your own affiliate website along with tools that I create to aid you in your efforts.

My mission is to develop a set of affiliate websites and run experiments to maximize the revenue I get from those websites. All the tools I use, or develop, will then be available to you, the reader, so that you can also follow my learnings and try to build your own business.

With my background in marketing (as a downstream Product Manager) and in science (PhD in Bioengineering), I think my approach is unique and valuable for aspiring marketing executives.

So…read, explore, discuss, and grow with me.

Karthik ‘Carter’ Raman
Writer and Editor of OneStopMarketer
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Karthik Raman