Amazon Affiliate Site Setup - Targeting Mattress Shoppers

Setting up my Amazon Affiliate Site Targeting Mattress Shoppers

Amazon Affiliate Site targeting mattress shoppers

Analyzing what affects decision-making & setting up my Amazon Affiliate Site

Now that I have chosen the mattress niche in my previous blog post, I have to set up my amazon affiliate site and target shoppers based on mattress keywords. This website landing page will need high-traffic, low-competition keywords, and be designed to convert different types of customers over to amazon so they will purchase mattresses. To begin this journey, I decided I would browse yelp (the best review website I’ve seen and used), to determine what helps customers decide to visit a certain restaurant.

Here’s a typical Yelp page:
Design of an amazon affiliate site

Here’s what I think affects decision making, based on Yelp pages:

  • Reviews
  • Images & Video
  • Price
  • Product Details
  • Comparisons between different products

For this first mattress amazon affiliate site, I’ll strive to just provide the information necessary to fulfill my decision-making criteria above. Within this information, I’ll include some soft calls-to-action. Then, over time, I will optimize this website to convert customers who search for different keywords.

Strategy: Get an amazon affiliate site up and running and optimize as I go along. I want to get a baseline measurement of conversion rates first.

Deciding the layout of my amazon affiliate site for mattresses

This first website will serve as a starting point for future experiments. My layout should provide a good amount of information while also keeping it easy to read. Since this is an information-rich niche, I think I can develop the site based on content (presented in rows) and still maintain readability. In case you don’t have much knowledge of web design, perhaps you can take a look at these books on website development with wordpress:

WordPress Website Design for Beginners
Up and Running with WordPress in 60 minutes

My affiliate site layout will follow this outline:

  • Paragraph about choosing a mattress
  • A table summarizing mattress information
    • Bed name
    • Rank on Amazon
    • #Reviews
    • Average Star Rating
    • What people say
    • Link to View on Amazon
    • Link to details section below
  • Details about each individual mattress covered above. For each mattress, I will include a Youtube/Product video and a deep dive into features of mattress
  • Summary of information
  • Disclosure

Based on the above information and my previous blog post on choosing an amazon affiliate niche, here’s a PDF of the 1st version of MattressNut, my amazon affiliate site.

Here’s an image of MattressNut:
Mattress Queen Mattress Twin Site

Using paid traffic to optimize my Amazon Affiliate site

This first version of the mattress website will be used to provide a baseline measurement of how easily I can convert visitors to paying customers. With this baseline in mind, I will then optimize and add pages, so that I can maximize the visitor -> paying customer conversion process. Ideally, the website will get a lot of organic traffic. However, since this organic traffic takes some time to build, I need to use paid advertising to optimize my content. Thus, to begin the optimization process I will first start by using facebook ads to drive traffic to my landing page and then track how many people convert to buying customers. Google analytics + Facebook metrics + the Amazon Affiliate dashboard will be used to track my conversions.

Strategy: Optimizing conversions from visitors to paying customers will require me to tweak my advertisements AND my landing pages. I’m going to start by using facebook ads and my basic landing/informational page.

Note: Amazon has a few restrictions on what it considers valid commission-paying actions. The two key types of “qualified purchases” that can provide a commission are:
1) If a customer visits Amazon after clicking a link on my website, their purchases within a 24 hour period are commission-worthy.
2) Additionally, if a visitor places an item in their cart, additional items entered into the cart within 89 days (along with their first item) will be considered as part of a commission-worthy purchase.

It’s necessary to note that I cannot directly link advertisements to Amazon products. This violates their operating agreement.

I look forward to experimenting with facebook ads on the next blog post!


FYI, here’s an image of the full list of “qualifying purchases” & restrictions.
Qualifying purchases for amazon affiliates

Disclosure: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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