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Amazon Affiliate Site niche selection: My wealthy affiliate journey

Wealthy Affiliates choose strong amazon affiliate niches

Becoming a wealthy affiliate -> Choose the right niche for the Amazon Affiliate Site

All of us dream of becoming wealthy by earning passive income through online marketing. The Amazon affiliate program is one of the simplest programs to join and get started on. It’s also one of the oldest and most frequently used programs…so I wanted to start experimentation by signing up. Previously, I explained why this blog exists, so I hope there’s no confusion if we jump right in.

The process for becoming an amazon affiliate is straight forward; you can just go here: Amazon Affiliate website to sign up with your amazon account. Feel free to dig in to see what kind of stuff you want to sell. I know I could setup a series of tests to determine the best niche by making 3-5 different affiliate sites (targeted to different products)…and then driving paid traffic there. Instead, I choose to do that testing later when I actually have some money from my first product site. So, let’s instead apply some logic to choose some kind of starting product. Can’t become a wealthy associate until we start, right?

What determines an ideal product for an amazon affiliate site?

Should I start with some product that I already use and love? Or should I just go for the most popular item on amazon? Batteries? Really? That’s what I’m going to build an affiliate site around? There are so many questions when starting up! Since it’s not going to be easy at all competing against all the amazon affiliate websites out there, I decided to simplify my selection of my first niche.

Here’s how I’m approaching it:

Strategy: Browse amazon for best sellers based on a set of “ideal characteristics”. We can experiment later to truly flesh this out, but I’m using logic to just get started on the first product. With the first affiliate website I want to focus on optimization.

Here’s what I think “ideal” affiliate product characteristics are, based on reading amazon affiliate strategies from other blogs:

Product CharacteristicReason

Costs more than $200: Since the max commission is 10%, selling a more expensive product on my affiliate site means maximizing $/sale. This may not be a good idea since expensive items tend to have fewer total sales.
Not seasonal: Sell something all year, not just seasonally (which limits total income). Why should we ignore customers for half the year (assuming a seasonal product) and lower our amazon affiliate earnings?
Has low SEO competition: Ideally a product will generate passive income (without running paid advertisements). Lower SEO competition makes this a lot more viable long-term.A few books describe choosing the right niche and I think this is a KEY decision factor:

Has tons of reviews: Amazon doesn’t tell you how popular a product is globally across their website. So, I assume that products with lots of reviews are likely loved by customers…and that they sell well on (online). I think selling these best-sellers is a key strategy of other wealthy affiliate marketers.
Differentiated product with easy-to-identify customers: Marketing a set of benefits and features that resonate with customers will make the sale much easier. Additionally, being able to identify the right customers will enable targeted marketing and advertising.

An image of the most popular items found on the Product Links section of Amazon affiliates platform:

Wealthy affiliates tend to sell popular products

“Fixed” percentage commissions for various categories:

Amazon affiliate commissions for any affiliate site

Bounties for specific programs that amazon offers can also be found here: Amazon affiliate policies

Setting up my amazon affiliate site

Based on the above criteria, I identified mattresses and bed frames as a great amazon affiliate niche. This niche is not seasonal, has some great long-tail keywords, provides 8% commission, and there are clear differentiators among the products so I can highlight them. I’m going to sell one of the best-sellers from amazon via my king size mattress affiliate site.

In my next blog post I’m going to post an image of my mattress affiliate website on Day 1. I assume I’m going to improve it over time, so when future users visit the above link they may see something very different than the original.

Note: this is my first affiliate website. It may not be the ideal niche! I will run some experiments to find better niches in the future. Let’s assume, for now, that this is a decent nicheā€¦based on what I’ve read elsewhere.

I’m going to start my path to being a wealthy affiliate (probably going to earn $0, haha), by getting a domain name and adding in some basic information on my product. In the next blog post I’m going to start experimenting with the content structure.

See you soon!

Disclosure: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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