Work from home, Applying the principles of marketing to affiliate websites

Work from Home by Applying the Principles of Marketing

Work from home, Apply the Principles of Marketing

The goal of OneStopMarketer is to apply the principles of marketing in marketing experiments, scientifically analyze them, and develop a strategy that any reader can apply to develop revenue-generating affiliate websites and work from home. Yes, that’s a mouthful! In simpler terms, I’m going to experiment with marketing a amazon affiliate website and blog about it so you can learn from my mistakes. It’s a combination of several passions of mine: developing a business, science, and experimentation. Perhaps, through experimentation and bouncing ideas off each other, we can develop strategies to become stay-at-home marketing executives.

Here’s an image that describes what this blog is about:
Apply Principles of Marketing, Work From Home, Become a Marketing Executive

Principles of marketing, What do I mean here?

I think marketing and science have a lot in common. You think of hypotheses to solve a certain problem, develop experiments, execute, analyze, and then restart with a new set of hypotheses based on your learnings. That’s what I’m hoping to do with this blog…

My mission is to develop a set of affiliate websites and run experiments to maximize the revenue I get from those websites. All the tools I use, or develop, will then be available to you, the reader, so that you can also follow my learnings and try to build your own business.

Thus, the principles of marketing, as applied in this blog, are the overarching metrics that I’m trying to optimize: product, price, place, and promotion. I will make all the tactical mistakes possible while developing the 4 P’s of my affiliate websites, and teach you marketing strategies/tactics through my experiments.

Why work from home

All of us dream of setting up our own side businesses that bring in a chunk of passive income, but few of us actually do. The main reason, in my opinion, is because it’s challenging to build revenue slowly and steadily in a medium as competitive as internet marketing. It’s so tedious waiting for the end result!

But, if there’s one thing you learn from grad school, it’s persistence. Stick to it until the project is over and you get a publication in a journal. Experiment over and over, dig deeper and deeper, until you solve your problem. I find it a lot of fun to experiment and understand while undergoing this scientific discovery process. Hence, I plan on chronicling my experiments to keep myself on track, and also have fun describing things to you. I hope it’s useful for all my readers and that you can eventually work from home!

Marketing Executive, is that the end goal?

I’m sure a lot of readers of this blog will be marketing executives or aspiring marketers. That’s good! I hope that you can learn practical tactics that you can apply in your own businesses or jobs. For me, marketing is just a means to an end. I want to develop tools and products that will advance science and technology.

The revenue from my affiliate websites will be utilized to develop biomedical products that hopefully change the course of some research and lead to major discoveries. Along the way, I’ll have fun following the scientific process, as applied to marketing, and all readers of this blog will gain insights into the do’s and don’ts of affiliate marketing.

TL;DR. Summary

That’s enough rambling from me! Basically, follow this blog to read about my marketing experiments so that you can make your own affiliate marketing sites generate a bunch of income.

Work from home, become a marketing executive, apply the principles of marketing, all a part of this blog!

Did you notice that I repeated a few phrases?

I’m trying to optimize my blog for a few long tail keywords that I identified as high value. To find them I looked for terms related to internet marketing which received large amounts of traffic but existing google websites (in the top 10) didn’t have strong relevance to. I’ll cover how I identified these phrases (which relate to internet marketing and affiliate websites) in some of my other experiments.


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