TagLogger: Track Adverts & Traffic Sources that get Sales, not just Visitors

Taglogger - A Tool to Track User Conversions from Adverts & Other Traffic Sources

You have 2 choices:
A) Pay for random web traffic or B) Pay for traffic that gets you sales

Top questions asked by online marketers

  • Which adverts get me the most traffic to my website?
  • - Easy to answer
  • Which adverts get traffic/customers who actually buy?
  • - Hard to answer
  • How can I optimize my adverts to get me more paying customers?
  • - Hard to answer

What TagLogger does:

  • Tracks incoming users
  • Tells you what links they are clicking
  • Tells you which incoming users convert to your affiliate website
  • Helps you analyze which ads provide the best conversion rates

Doesn't Google Analytics do this?

  • If you run 5 facebook ads, Google analytics will aggregate your facebook traffic into one.
  • You cannot tell which facebook ads got you the right audience -> who converted to buyers

How TagLogger Works:

  1. Write ads that have a taglogger tag
  2. Include tag logger code on your website (works with Wordpress!)
  3. Track users
With TagLogger, you can track which advertisements, banners, blog posts, etc. drive the most traffic to your website. Once visitors come to your site, you can also analyze which visitors convert to buying customers.
Taglogger - Track Affiliate Site Shoppers and Conversions

TagLogger Screenshots:


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