TimeLogger - Track User Session Durations even on Single pages

Timelogger - A Tool to Track User Session Durations, even on Single Pages

Do you know how long users spend on your webpage? Time = Conversions

Questions you may ask yourself frequently:

  • How long do people spend on my website?
  • Which ads and traffic sources bring me the best traffic?
  • What are people doing on my site when they come here?

What TimeLogger does:

  • Tracks incoming users
  • Tells you how long they spend on each page
  • Helps you analyze which ads and traffic sources provide the best quality of visitors - ones that actually read your content

Doesn't Google Analytics do this?

  • If a visitor doesn't click through to another site, Google considers it a "Bounce"
  • You cannot tell if your traffic truly has a 00:00:00 session duration, which is what Google analytics reports to you.

How TimeLogger Works:

  1. Include time logger code on your website (works with Wordpress!)
  2. Track users
With TimeLogger, you can track how long users spend on each of your content pages so you know which content keeps people's attention. Combined with TagLogger, you can analyze which advertisements, banners, blog posts, etc. drive the most valuable traffic to your website as well!
TimeLogger helps track visitor session durations on pages

TimeLogger Screenshots:

TimeLogger Gallery


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