Target Ads to a Shopper, not just a Visitor - Maximize Affiliate Site Revenue

Target ads to shoppers who maximize sales on your affiliate site

Affiliate Site Shopper Conversions via Targetted Ads

Maximizing Revenue by Targeting Ads to the Right Shoppers

Starting to optimize and market my affiliate site that sells mattresses, my first task is to get a baseline measure of how many people I can drive to my affiliate site via facebook ads; I also need to have a baseline of how many of these people convert over to mattress shoppers on Amazon. The good news is that Amazon allows me to check how many click-throughs there were via my amazon affiliate links. Additionally, google analytics shows me how many shoppers are entering my affiliate site via the different traffic sources. However, I’m still missing some key information and existing tools to get this information are expensive!

In order to be successful, I need to track which traffic sources lead to the most shopper conversions on Amazon. This will help me maximize my revenue while minimizing ad costs.

In case you’re wondering why I’m talking about mattresses, I suggest you take a look at my blog post about selecting my amazon niche. Also, if you are new to online marketing, both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are quick ways to drive traffic. This book will help you learn more about optimizing your Google SEM efforts: Search Engine Marketing, Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company’s Website (3rd Edition) (IBM Press).

Why I need a new tool to target ads to shoppers and maximize sales

Here’s the problem: I can see how many users come to my website, and where they come from. I can also see how many users click through to Amazon via my affiliate site. However, I can’t tell which traffic source (ads, websites, etc.) provides me the kind of people that shop for mattresses on Amazon. This is shown graphically in the image below:

Tracking affiliate site shoppers vs visitors

Thus, existing tools like Google Analytics and Amazon only provide general information. They do an amazing job breaking apart all the data and making it readable, but they don’t provide ALL the data I need. If I’m going to spend my money (limited resource) on advertisements, I need to be 100% sure that I’m getting good value for money.

Why isn’t general information from Google Analytics etc. enough for targeting ads?

Let’s look at a couple scenarios and perhaps you can see the challenge that I’m seeing. Let’s say that I start receiving 2000 unique visitors/month on my mattress blog through various sources including:

  • 5 facebook ads
  • 3 Google Adwords
  • Organic SEO
  • 50 Backlinks on various websites

I would be ecstatic! But, how would I be able to scale that traffic to 200,000 unique visitors/month? Should I improve my facebook ads? Or maybe I just need tons of backlinks?

Knowing where my users come from isn’t enough to scale my website traffic.

Or perhaps consider another scenario where I’m running 2 facebook ads and only one of them is getting me people who end up purchasing mattresses. The other one drives a lot of traffic to my website but the shoppers I’m getting aren’t useful to my affiliate site. With generic information from Google Analytics, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and I would continue to pump money behind both ads even though I should have only spent money on one.

This is described a bit further below in the image. You can also read about it in Web Marketing That Works: Confessions from the Marketing Trenches

Targeting ads using data from shopper conversions

A tool to track shopper behavior and maximize sales: TagLogger

Now that I know that the generic information from Google Analytics isn’t ideal, I have decided to make my own tool called TagLogger. Similar to WebTrends (which costs $159/month), I decided I would create a tool that allows me to see where my visitors are coming from (ie. which ads get me the most traffic) and to see which users end up buying on amazon (ie. which ads get me traffic that actually buys mattresses). With this information, I can then launch into all my experiments in the future.

TagLogger is almost built and I am doing some initial testing. If you’d like to be one of the first to use it, come sign up here at I promise it’s going to be a lot cheaper than $159/mo 🙂

See you next time!

Note: Reader Akul Mehta pointed out that Google Events allows similar functionality as TagLogger but it is cumbersome to get the right data without manual data processing.

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